27 March 2013

Real Time Identity?

A simple way to build online trust, or another failed technology project in the making? Toby Stevens explores the government’s new identity assurance programme and considers what it means for your business.

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12 February 2013

Identity Assurance: Who wants to be an Identity Provider?

One of the more contentious areas of debate about the Identity Assurance programme has been the selection of potential Identity Providers (IdPs), not so much for who is on the list, but who is absent.

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28 January 2013

Identity Assurance: Risk-based trust?

Raj asked the following:

“1. Government’s Identity Assurance program accepted eight IdP. I wonder whether all these eight IdPs have the same trust level?

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22 January 2013

Identity Assurance: Who, where, when?

The government’s Identity Assurance programme has finally announced its eighth candidate Identity Provider, in the form of PayPal; the announcement had been delayed pending the completion of PayPal’s contract negotiations.

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14 November 2012

The significance of the Identity Assurance programme

Consumer empowerment think-tank Ctrl-Shift is carrying an interview with pixIDust’s Toby Stevens on the significance of the Identity Assurance programme, in which I speculate on how IDA will grow over the coming months and years:

How do you see the identity assurance market developing?

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